When we are under a lot of anxiety or physically stacked, our muscles are tensed, veins are tightening and blood pressure goes up.Chinese Medicine How To Lower Increased Blood Pressure Within 5 Minutes

We realize that, in this sort of circumstance we must unwind our muscle with the end goal that blood normalizes. The main inquiry is the means by which you accomplish that.

As you can see indicated in the photo above, the line reached out from point 1 to point 2, shouldn’t be pressed immovably, nor rubbed. Just utilizing the tips of the fingers, you have to tenderly stroke it from top to bottom.

Repeat this strategy 20 times – 10 times on one side and 10 times on the other.

Point number two needs to be massaged with your fingertips, 1 minute on each one side and is placed close to the collarbone. Press hard, yet not hard enough to hurt yourself.

Source: www.healthyfoodhouse.com