The man in this story was leading a healthy life, until he decided to make an experiment. So he started consuming huge quantities of sugar.
“Like any single man in his thirties, I had a lot of bad habits. I smoked a pack of cigarettes per day, and I wasn’t eating healthy food.”

I Consumed 40 Tablespoons of Sugar a Day. Here's What Happened to Me! (Video)
But as it usually happens, I met a wonderful woman. Because of her I started to pretend that I’m interested in things that I didn’t know anything about. Healthy food, cucumber and avocado shakes, bread chia seeds were a few of them. So, I started to lead a healthier life.
Until then I have consumed about 30 tablespoons of sugar, but then I reduced the number to 0.
After 2 months people have started to notice positive changes. My skin became clean, no more dark circles around eyes and I reduced the stomach fat as well.
3 years later I got an offer to shoot a short film about the harmful effects of sugar.
I started consuming 40 teaspoons of sugar a day, through all the products we consume every day – juices, desserts, soft drinks … The changes were followed by a team of doctors for 60 days.
Who would say that barbecue sauce and sweet chili sauce contain more sugar than chocolate syrup?
At the beginning hardly no one was iinterested in my film, but after 12 days I had 3kg more and in 18 days doctors said that I have fatty liver.
The liver converts sugars into fat, so it is no wonder that many people are facing this problem.
Once the producer has announced the news and the results, more people wanted to see the film.
By the end of the experiment I weigh 8.5 kg more, I was more likely to develop type 2 diabetes and I had a fatty liver. Plus, I had increased risk of heart disease and my waist size was increased by 10 centimeters.
I concluded that sugar is one of the greatest dangers to humans. It activates the same brain centers as cocaine and sex and that is why people are becoming addicts. ”
Watch the trailer and think about it: