I identified a troubling trend a couple of years ago. The adolescents coming to my house for celebrations were bringing in cases of Mountain Dew for their contribution to the “snack pot luck” in addition to their regular MSG chips and high sugar corn syrup cookies. Was Coke and 7-Up losing favor?14 Reason To Stop Drinking Mountain Dew

As The Real Food Revivalist, I welcome those from all “nutritional faiths” right into my residence, also those bearing the Grand Daddy of soda, Mountain Dew, ever before so sneakily, I kick the cases of Dew-trouble into a corner, as well as attempt to fill the fridge with mineral water and stevia drinks while drawing a few innocent children over to the vegetable table or the natural beef hotdog terminal (Oh, mom!).

1) Dental Health Concerns. What’s My Beef With Mountain Dew?

Mountain Dew was invented in Tennessee and later sold to Pepsi-Cola in 1964.

Central Appalachia is an area known for hideous dental problems. This region owes its fame to Mountain Dew mainly, baseding on dental experts. A condition referred to as Mountain Dew Mouth is widespread in this part of the country. Parents are putting the Dew in baby bottles for their babies and teenagers who have actually pulled their own teeth with pliers due to tooth discomfort.

“It’s a fashion rooted in a horrible reality. Central Appalachia is No. 1 in the nation in toothlessness.”

It isn’t really a problem of poor rural America.

Also an everyday Coke routine will certainly start to wear down tooth enamel:

Battery acid (pH=1), Coke/Pepsi (pH = 2.5), Mountain Dew (pH =3).

2) Infertility?

Even the can that the soft drink comes in is messing with our hormonal agents since it is lined with BPA, otherwise the acid would certainly respond with the metal can.

BPA in plastic and its linings have actually never ever been safety and security tested. It is a contaminant that is causing excessive weight, the inability to conceive, reproductive cancers cells, modifying pancreatic beta cells and is related to heart disease and thyroid disorder.

BPA mimics estrogen as well as is associated with increased miscarriage, and also polycystic ovary.

3) Targeted Marketing – False Energy

“Game Fuel”.

I do not have kids so I will not pretend to recognize the world of gamers, but I check out things, and it isn’t really simply boys. The ordinary gamer is 37. Millions of experts are associated with video gaming communities and spending an obscene amount of time seeking their pleasure. Mountain Dew is marketing to gamers with “Game Fuel” as well as altering packaging to coincide with the launch of essential video games like Call of Duty.

In these Massively Multiplayer Online video games, thousands of gamers from around the world compete. During these epic fights, a soft drink every hour is not unusual. A gamer chugging a 20-ounce bottle of soda every hour will finish 3.5 litres in six hours.

“They’re simply sitting for 12 hrs, just pounding soft drinks,” Smawley stated.

“Go Go Juice”.

Toddlers & Tiara mothers decide on Mountain Dew (“go go juice”).

To offer their baby pageant contestants that extra special “energy” to win!

At a young age she was consuming a mix of Red Bull and Mountain Dew.

4) Blood Sugar Issues, Diabetes, Obesity.

Can you actually prop on your own with a few containers of Mountain Dew, dumping a cup of sweets into your blood as well as assume it is not going to cause diabetic issues or cardiovascular disease, considerably less a giggly tummy?

Most of us have actually been provided one life to live.

5– 8) Skin Lesions, Nerve Disorders, Muscle Problems, Memory Loss.

Is it a little Mountain Dew binge ok from time to time?

Sure if you don’t mind taking a break for some medical attention to have the tendency to your nasty skin sores, nerve problems and absence of muscle mass control.

Oh, as well as the Dew also induces memory loss, so … wait, exactly what was I saying…?

One man’s daily practice of consuming 2 or more litres of bromine-containing soft drink caused degeneration to the point of not being able to walk as well as needing dialysis.

It’s called bromine poisoning.

An unpleasant active ingredient called brominated grease (BVO) is prowling in some sodas, baked products as well as noodles.

It is discovered in bleached white flour, Mountain Dew, Fanta Orange, Sunkist Pineapple, Squirt, Fresca Original Citrus, some Gatorade, some Powerade and also other citrus-flavored drinks.

A 63 year old guy developed revolting abscess on his hands since he preferred Ruby Red Squirt with Brominated Vegetable Oil.

9) Thyroid Burn Out

Bromine wrecks your thyroid by competing with iodine which is necessary for thyroid hormones production.

Of course, you can constantly drink more Mountain Dew if you begin to really feel exhaustion from a worn out thyroid. Exactly what a vicious circle! Is it time to get off this energy roller rollercoaster and attempt a soda-free life!?

10) Dissolves a Mouse

Pepsi lawyers stated there is sufficient amount of acid in Mountain Dew to turn a mouse to goo. This was their protection after a Wisconsin guy claimed to find a mouse in his could of Dew. (Impossible! The acid in the Dew would certainly have turned a mouse into goo!

11) BVO in Mountain Dew is Also full in Flame Retardants.

BVO, additionally located in flame retardants, is prohibited in Europe and also Japan, yet not in the good ‘ol USA. (Yes, American Beverage Association, water is also a flame retardant)! The distinction is, my body calls for water and I am happy to consume water, not flame retardant.

Why is BVO utilized?

The Beverage Institute asserts, “BVO is used to “protect against the citrus flavor oils from floating to the surface area in refreshments.”.

It gives the appearance of being juice, yet it is actually a lab development arising from spiking soybean oil or corn oil with bromine.

12) GMO Ingredients

The soy bean and corn oil utilized to make BVO are likely from genetically modified plants. High Fructose Corn Syrup is additionally made from GMO corn.

Mountain Dew has more high levels of caffeine as well as more genetically customized high fructose corn syrup than other soda.

13– 14) Preservatives, Dye

GMO soya and corn, BVO, acid, salt benzoate (preservative that reacts with Dew’s vitamin C to produce health hazards), yellow dye (made from coal tar) and also BPA make it one of the most harmful things you can consume.

If you go on and write to Pepsi about your problems, here’s what they will claim,.

“This (BVO) is a risk-free active ingredient approved by the FDA, which is made use of in some citrus-based drinks,” said Christopher Gindlesperger of the American Beverage Association, which represents PepsiCo, maker of Mountain Dew. “Importantly, consumers could feel confident that our items are safe and our industry sticks to all federal government rules.”.

Yes, now you can rest assured that Mountain Dew is safe (as long as it remains on the shelf at the shop).

Follow the money.

With $40 billion in annual incomes, the non-alcoholic beverage market will continue to cash in on addicted Americans.

Some of you could bear in mind Willy the Hillbilly of the first Mountain Dew commercials.

The 1966 slogan, “It’ll tickle yore innards” must be reanimated, with a slight change.

Maybe a much better slogan would be.

“It’ll pickle your innards.”

Looking for alternatives to soda and sports drinks:

  • Strawberry Lemonade made with stevia
  • Water
  • Pure Coconut Water, the perfect balance of electrolytes makes this a great drink for athletes or hot days.
  • Sparkling mineral water with fresh lemon or lime (I like unflavored San Pellegrino Sparkling Natural Mineral Water and SteviaClear Liquid Stevia Extract)
  • Brew organic herbal tea and pour over ice
  • A refreshing green smoothie
  • Kombucha

You can also make your own sports drink

  • a bit of Redmond’s Real Salt
  • 12 oz purified water
  • sweeten with raw honey
  • fresh lemon juice

Source: cdn.eatlocalgrown.com