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Every woman dreams of flat stomach. Unfortunately, many women do not take care of their diet or do not spend time in the gym, so this is almost unattainable dream. But did you know that your stomach can be flat without dieting and regular exercise? Several American professionals have made a list of habits that you can include in your everyday life in order to achieve the desired results without much effort.

7 Ways to Get a Flat Stomach Without Dieting and Exercise1

  1. Straighten up

“When you stand or sit with your back straight, the stomach muscles are tightening, and your digestive system works much better” – claims Kim Lyons, coach in the US show “Biggest loser”.

  1. Drink enough water

“When the body is dehydrated, it stores the water, usually in the abdomen. Therefore, it is necessary to drink 8 glasses of water every day “- said Kim.

  1. Eat slowly

“Chew each bite at least 10 times before you swallow it. This will facilitate digestion and you will not have problems with digestion. Moreover, when you eat quickly you swallow air which can make your stomach bigger “- said Dr. Judith Rajkmen, a professor at the University of California.

  1. Use probiotics

“Probiotics are good bacteria that help your digestive system to function properly and prevent gastrointestinal problems that can lead to bloated stomach. One of the best probiotics is yogurt “- claimed the nutritionist Jonny Bowden.

  1. Regularly walking

“Brisk walking for 30 minutes will speed up your metabolism and help you to get rid of excess fat in the stomach” – said Kim Lyons.

  1. Dietary supplements

“As a dietary supplement consume calcium, because it reduces estrogen in your body, because if it increases, is the main factor of belly fat accumulation” – said Dr. Randolph.

  1. Relax

“When you are nervous your body produces a larger amount of steroids and stress hormones, which adversely affect the digestive functions and the fat deposits. Therefore, it is necessary to find 20 minutes during the day to relax in a way that best suits you “- claims Dr. Randolph.

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