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It is proven that various mineral and vitamin deficiency can cause numerous health problems. These 5 common symptoms are linked with vitamin/mineral deficiency:


Headaches and/or Muscle Cramps: Magnesium Deficiency

Majority of people all over the world suffer from magnesium deficiency. Approximately 75% of people living in North America are having low magnesium. This very important nutrient is extremely important for proper nervous system function. Magnesium helps in relaxing the nerves and tense muscles and it also helps against muscle cramps and headaches. It  helps against insomnia as well. The best way to increase magnesium intake is by consuming leafy vegetables like collard greens and kale which you can add to your favorite smoothie. This smoothie will cover 30% of your daily needs. Also you can add Epsom salt into your bath. This salt contains a lot of magnesium which is easily absorbed through your skin while you enjoy in the bath tub.

Acne: Zinc

Are you aware that acnes often appear due to zinc deficiency? This happens due to the fact that zinc helps in the production of oil in the skin and improves complexion as well. Zink makes your skin healthier as it: regenerates skin cells, soothes inflamed skin and accelerates the healing process of the skin. We should also emphasize that zinc prevents the acne causing 5-alpha- reductase activities- the enzymes which activate testosterone. If you take only 30 milligrams of zinc daily you will get rid of acne. You can try consuming ¼ cup of raw pumpkin seeds as they will provide you with over half the required amount of zinc.

Dry/Broken/Brittle hair, Brittle nails: Biotin deficiency

Vitamin B7 also known as Biotin is proven to make your hair strong and healthy. This quite important mineral is found in many foods and that is why biotin deficiency is rare. But just in case, here are the symptoms: brittle nails and hair, hair breakage, hair loss etc. so if you want to have strong hair which will grow fast then consume foods reach in biotin.

Thinning hair: iron deficiency

Iron is also very important mineral especially for our hair. Iron helps in transporting the oxygen and other health nutrients to hair follicles. So, iron deficiency can cause anemia and hair loss.

White little bumps on back of arm: Essential fatty acids

Are you aware that those little white bumps usually found on the back of the arm are most of the time result of an essential fatty acid imbalance? To be more precise, low levels of Omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids have anti- inflammatory properties and that is why they reduce the inflammation of the bumps.

These are the 5 common symptoms of vitamin and mineral deficiency. If you have any of these symptoms you can help yourself by taking the right supplement.


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