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Gout is an inflammation of the joints (arthritis) caused by the creation of crystals of uric acid in the joints. These are in fact deposits of salt. A lot of factors can contribute to their formation: flu, angina, poor metabolism, wrong diet, and rheumatic infections, as well as long wearing of uncomfortable shoes.

For some, gout can be a real nightmare. These people always have difficulty finding shoes that fit, because gout poses an obstacle and hurts. Plus, it doesn’t look good aesthetically. Operation is only a temporary solution as gout may recur afterwards. Traditional medicine has proven more effective in treatment of this disease. For start, salt deposits should be thrown out of the body with the following homemade tonic.

Heal Gout in Seven Days with This Super Powerful Herb Tea


– Cover 1 tbsp. crushed sweet bay leaf (Laurus nobilis) with 300 ml water and boil for 5 minutes.

– Pour the mixture into a vacuum flask and it leave it for 24 hours.

– Strain the next day and sip. Make this tea every night.

– Repeat the treatment for seven days.

This tea also has a strong diuretic effect so frequent urination shouldn’t come as a surprise; it’s actually a sign that salts in the body are dissolved. Moreover, this recipe is used for crushing gallstones. This method of treatment lasts for 2 months and then gallstones completely disappear.

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