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One of the most cultivated and widespread vegetable in the world are the Cucumbers. They are easy to farm and can grow in almost any area and any type of soil which has the four seasons cycling. The use of Cucumbers in recipes (mostly salads) is enormous, because it is one of the easies vegetable to grow and its ability to grow anywhere. Their freshness is always welcomed in Summer and Spring on hot days.Health Benefit of Eating Cucumbers

Here are the health benefits of eating Cucumbers:

  1. The first and the best benefit of consuming Cucumber is its “water supply”. Cucumbers are made from 95% water, which makes the kind of a “refreshing drink”. A lot of people eat a cucumber to prevent dehydration and freshen up instead of drinking water.
  2. Their Vitamin C containment is the second benefit of eating Cucumbers. Along with the “water supply” ability, cucumbers contain significant amounts of Vitamin C, especially in its skin. It is recommended that the cucumber is digested along with the skin without previous peeling.
    An important thing to know before eating a cucumber with its skin is that you must wash the vegetable thoroughly. Some farmers spray their cucumbers while they are growing in order to prevent them against pesticides. Organic Cucumbers are always the best choice.
  3. Cucumbers are also very effective against bad breath. The phytochemicals will eliminate the bacteria causing the bad breath, if you just press a slice of cucumber on the roof of the mouth for thirty seconds.
  4. Cucumbers take good care of the hair and skin. Do you remember seeing on TV when fashion models put slices of cucumbers on their eyes and face? Well, they are right as the cucumber has anti – inflammatory properties which reduce puffiness.
  5. The three lignans: pinoresinol, lariciresinol and secoisolariciresinol are known to reduce several cancer types, like breast cancer, ovarian cancer, uterine cancer and prostate cancer. These three lignans are all contained in the cucumber.
  6. The containment of fiber potassium and magnesium in the cucumber makes it effective inblood pressure regulation. By eating cucumbers on a regular basis, low and high blood pressure can be regulated.
  7. Diabetics can also benefit from eating cucumbers, as they contain a hormone that is able to produce insulin for the needs of the pancreas cells.


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