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A crab apple a day can keep the doctor away!

Crab apples, also known as wild apples are healthy fruits with pink and red peel and are tasty and tart.

They are rarely found in the stores. Although they are little bit forgotten, there are still places you can buy them. They can be consumed raw but are mostly used for preparing juices, jellies etc.

Health Benefits of Munching Crab Apples

Health Benefits of Munching Crab Apples

110 gr. of  raw crab apple contains 84 calories, total fat of one percent and one mg of sodium. It contains also 22 gr of carbs which is 7% of the daily recommended value.

The most important vitamin it contains is the vitamin A which is extremely beneficial for your health. This vitamin is important for preventing cancer which is proven by many studies. It is able to prevent cancer cells growth. Vitamin A is especially beneficial for patients who suffer from prostate cancer. Crab apples are known to boost the immune system and that is why they are especially healthy for young children. Vitamin A improves the vision and it reduces the signs of aging.

Crab apples are also rich in vitamin C which is an important vitamin that boosts the immune system. That is why crab apples can help against flus, fevers, influenza, colds and other medical conditions. The vitamin C has the ability to fight prenatal problems, eye problems and cardiovascular diseases as well.

This fruit is rich in iron which is important for healthy pregnancy, increases your energy level and is especially suitable for athletes. It is also rich in calcium, an important mineral for maintaining strong bones. Some studies have proven that calcium combined with vitamin D is effective against cancer, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Unripe crab apples are known to help in healing wounds. Just place this fruit on the wound and it will close and heal faster. On the other hand, ripe crab apples are beneficial for your digestive system and against piles and diarrhea.


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