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Every housewife has her own method of peeling an egg, the most common one is rolling it on the counter top, but that is history now when you read about this! Usually when peeling eggs you end up with either a peel still on the egg or cracked surface, you would be crazy, not to try the following method because it is so easy!How to Peel A Hard Boiled Egg In Seconds Using Only A Glass Of Water

If you do not cook them correctly, it can be a real nightmare, or when you try and pick off the shell pieces in tiny shards, which come on, we have all been there, done that! With this method, YouTube has come to the life hack rescue yet again! Simply grab a glass small enough to hold between your forefingers and thumb, put the egg in the glass filled with around a half inch of water. Cover the top with your fingers, and begin shaking, as shown in the video!

In case of a mishap, don’t forget to do this over a sink, and enjoy your hard – boiled egg. You won’t believe how easy it is until you try it! Don’t forget to share it with your friend and family!

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