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NOTE:  Don’t pour salt over your dog’s food because is not healthy but a small pinch is allowed.

We all know that table salt is highly processed and unnatural. With processing, the table salt loses its nutrients and important minerals so there is nothing beneficial in it. These days many people are aware about the problem with table salt so they choose to replace it with Himalayan salt.



We are all aware that Himalayan salt is beneficial for people but do you know that it is also healthy for dogs? The pink salt is rich in various minerals important for humans and dogs as well.

This incredible mountain salt became extremely popular among people and now there are salt licks for pets as well. If you want to buy one, be sure that it is a Himalayan salt lick as they are the healthiest.

But if you have Himalayan salt in your kitchen you don’t need to buy a lick! You can just add a small amount of salt in the dog’s food.

Himalayan Salt for Your Dog

Himalayan salt is rich in minerals which are not found in your dog’s food, it improves digestion, reduces high blood pressure and improves blood circulation( important for older dogs), makes the bones stronger, restores your (and your dog’s) pH balance, prevents water retention and slows down the aging process.

Generic dog food is usually not healthy as it causes digestive problems and other chronic health issues. Even the high quality brands are not healthy as you may think because there are only two organizations  responsible for quality and standards of pet foods: the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). AAFCO claims that labels on the pet food which say that the food is GMO-free,” “natural” and “healthy” are not always true.

Pet food are often filled with corns, GMO grains, synthetic preservatives, soybeans, food-grade carrageenan and meat byproducts from diseased animals (including road kill and shelter animals).

So always choose organic food over generic. But the best option is to prepare your own pet food.

Remember; if you use generic food add a pinch of Himalayan salt to improve your dog’s health.


Protect your dog from salt toxicity because dogs love salt and they always want more. Use just a pinch especially if you own a small dog. Even the big dogs shouldn’t consume a lot of salt as it can cause dehydration and liver problems. So use only small amounts of Himalayan salt which will not harm your dog’s health.


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