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Detoxing your body is very important and we should all be practicing it from time to time because our bodies get flooded with toxins which cause us all sorts of problems. If you can add some weight loss and fat burning in the process, all the better, because who doesn’t want to shed a few pounds. The drink we’re suggesting is perfect to consume after a heavy meal and during a diet. It will boost weight loss, fat burning and detox your organism as well. The best thing is that you only need two ingredients to make it. Here’s what you’ll need:Remove All The Fat From Your Body With Only 2 Ingredients

    • 1 kg of lemon;
    • 400 gr of celery.

Preparation: grate the celery root, add it in a pot with 2l of water and put it on medium heat. Add some lemon peels and let the mixture simmer for about 20 minutes. Set it aside, wait for it to cool down and add the squeezed lemon juice in the mixture. Mix it well and strain it. Store it in a glass bottle.

Drink this amazing beverage three times a day, before your meals (1dl doses). If you feel like the taste is too strong you can dilute it with some water and make sure you keep it in the fridge.


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