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Most cigarette smokers actually say that the sweetest light up is immediately after eating. According to the official science cigarettes are not recommended ever, but what scientists and doctors specifically warn about is the smoking cigarettes immediately after eating.

Smoking a Cigarette Immediately After a Meal Then You Must Read This!

According to scientists, a cigarette after a meal is extremely dangerous, and it is damaging the whole body, because it is, as they say, as if you smoke 10 cigarettes at once. Also, smoking particularly affects the irritation of the intestines.

The digestive system works on the whole body, and nicotine binds with oxygen in the blood, because then it’s more easily absorbed. Scientists warn that a cigarette after a meal dramatically increases the risk of bowel cancer, and lung cancer.

Smoke a cigarette, if you must, only 20 minutes after a meal!

Also you must not eat fruit immediately after a meal

Fruits are usually broken down by the body immediately, but only if you eat fruit separately from the handle so the fruit is recommended as a snack. If you eat fruits immediately after a meal, it will remain in the body due to the previous amount of food and release toxins in the stomach that affect the creation of cellulite. So, eat fruit on an empty stomach or two hours after a meal.

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