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Everyone wants thick, long and voluptuous hair and we’d all be willing to do anything we can to stimulate hair growth. If we know that our hair normally grows about half an inch a month you can do the math yourself and see how long will it take you to grow your hair to your desired length. Plus you need to factor in other stuff that influence our hair growth like genetics, diet, splitting ends and many other things that cause our hair to grow even slower. If you want to boost your hair growth you must first improve your eating regimen and include foods which are rich in nutrients which complement hair growth. Also, there are some homemade remedies which can help you achieve your desired length much faster, you just need to know how to prepare them. IN the following video you can see the easiest and simplest homemade remedy which will make your hair grow faster and thicker in no time.

Here’s the video, try the recipe and be amazed by the results:


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