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Do not waste money on expensive medicines for removing warts when you can do it with simple duct tape. The warts that grow on the skin appear because of HPV virus, which is divided into 100 different types.

You Will Need a Duct Tape and the Ugly Warts Will Be Gone Forever!

Most of the warts are benign growths, while some types can be linked with more serious skin conditions. Common warts can be easily removed with simple duct tape.

This is a verified method, but you should know that you will not succeed overnight. This viral disease can spread to other parts of the body and can be even transferred to another body. Therefore it is a good idea to cover them and for this you can use duct tape. The method is actually quite simple and you just need to be persistent.

Apply a piece of duct tape on the wart and keep it for 6 days. Certainly change the tape if you need to, but do not leave the wart to “breathe.” After 6 days keep the wart in plain water for ten minutes and rub it with pumice stone.

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