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Even since mythology everybody looked for the elixir of youth. Well no such thing exists yet. But eating healthy and the right drink might just come close. Check it out.You Will Never Get Old Thanks To This Natural Elixir

Ingredients needed:

    • 10 cloves of garlic
    • Juice of 10 lemons
    • 1 kg of organic honey

Method of preparation:

First chop the cloves of garlic into small pieces and mix them together with the honey and lemon juice. Transfer the resulting mixture in a clean glass jar and let it stand still for 8-10 days.

Take 1 teaspoon of the remedy early in the morning on an empty stomach and another one before your last meal.

Tibetan medicine recognizes this mixture as an elixir which successfully slows the aging process. Since these ingredients are easily available and cheap, do not hesitate to try this recipe!


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