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You all know the packs of silicone gel that are found in a new purse or shoes when you buy them. They are meant to absorb moisture. So you shouldn’t throw them away, but you should collect them and use them in the household. And here we have a few suggestions how!

Important Documents

Your birth certificate, the purchase agreements for your car or apartment, and other important documents will be safe from moisture if place them next to a few bags of silicone gel.


It’s not all lost yet, if you drop your phone in water. Take it out of the water as fast as you can, then take it apart and take out the card. Put if between your collected silicone gel packs and leave it there for a few days. Don’t try to charge it until you are completely sure that it’s fully dry because you could destroy your phone by causing a short fuse.silica-gel

Christmas Tree Decorations

You pull the decorations out only once a year, so silicone gel packs will help you during the rest of the year.


The best way to protect a journal, old photos or a diary from your childhood, is to just put packs of silicone gel between the pages. They will keep them dry.


If you or a family member is a stamp collector, or it collects pictures, old money or napkins, keep them with a few silicone gel packs so you can be sure that moisture doesn’t affect them.

Things in Boxes

You can put things that you don’t often use in plastic or cardboard boxes in the attic. Just throw in a few packets, to protect them from moisture.

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