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– When your feet are cold, veins in your nose constrict, a process that causes low immunity…

In winter, when the weather is cold, all people want to wear warm socks. But for some, even wool socks do not help … cold feet are not rare even in summer, and the reason is – poor circulation.

Your Feet are Constantly Cold Read Why You Must Warm Them Up!

According to a new research, cold feet can cause potential health problems and increase the risk of influenza.

According to Dr. Ron Eccles, who has studied the cold feet condition more than 25 years, poor circulation can cause various diseases, because viruses and bacteria live in the human body, and cold feet activate them and thus comes to health problems.

When the body temperature drops in the cold winter days, it is very important to warm your feet, so it is recommended to wear even two pairs of socks if the house is pretty cold”- explains Eccles.

When your feet are cold, veins in your nose constrict a process that causes low immunity, since the white blood cells are located exactly in the blood that circulates poorly.”

According to a study conveyed by Dr. Ron Eccles, feel free to enjoy ice cream in winter days, but you need to take special care of warming the body from the outside.

To encourage circulation, take a shower with cold and hot water alternately, and this you can do at any time of year.

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