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After enjoying a cup of tea we usually throw away the tea bags as it seems to be a logical step. But we are wrong as tea bags can be very useful. Find out how:

Your Tea Bags are Not Just for Making Tea, Here are Tons of Other Uses

  1. Put the tea bags in the shoes and get rid of the bad odor for good.
  2. Use them as cold compress. Just put them under running cold water and apply them on the problematic skin area, on bruises for example. This treatment is effective against scratches, inflammations and insect bites as well.
  3. Get rid of pests – insects and rodents. Place the bags where the insects hide and they will disappear forever.
  4. As the tea bags are proven to act against bad odors, just place them in the fridge and it won’t smell bad any more.
  5. In a larger container with water, soak the tea bags together with the dirty dishes and in the morning wash the dishes and you will see that they are grease-free.
  6. Put the tea bags in the freezer for at least 10 minutes and then put them on your swollen eyes. They will help with the dark circles under your eyes.

Next time do not throw away the tea bags. Try some of the treatments and you will see that they really work.


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