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Although some foods are thought to be highly beneficial, they are actually not. It is important to pay attention to the specifications, because stores tend to sell us everything – finely packed.

We bring you a list of several foods that you should keep in mind the next time you reach for them thinking they are absolutely healthy.

You’re Mistaken About These “Healthy “Foods! They Can Harm Your Health!

1. Milk

You’re Mistaken About These “Healthy “Foods! They Can Harm Your Health!1

Consuming great amounts of milk won’t reduce the risk of bone fractures, according to a study from 2014, published in the British Medical Journal. The milk and dairy products are recommended as a good source of calcium, especially for women who later in life can develop osteoporosis.

However, a research conveyed in Sweden showed that women who drink more than three glasses of milk a day were more prone to bone fractures than those who consumed it less. The second study, published in the same journal, found that people who consumed more than three glasses of milk a day are at a higher risk of premature death.

2. Seafood (seafood)

You’re Mistaken About These “Healthy “Foods! They Can Harm Your Health!2

Although many people love seafood and is not thought to be something harmful, the facts are somewhat different.

The fish and seafood are famous about their richness in omega 3 fatty acids and proteins, but when buying such foods, it is important to pay attention to their origin, because some of those “healthy” products come from contaminated water with large amounts of heavy metals, usually with mercury which is very dangerous, and that through food intake can cause problems with vision, hearing or orientation.

When you are buying fish make sure to check the origin and additives that should be listed on the label.

3. Fruit juices

You’re Mistaken About These “Healthy “Foods! They Can Harm Your Health!3

When we mention fruit we immediately link it with health. Between soda drinks as Coca-Cola and fruit juice,  many would choose healthier variation of fruit juice that can actually be just as unhealthy as the popular Coca-Cola, even if the fruit juice you bought is “clean” of additional chemicals (today’s drinks are abundant with), the vitamin C can be dangerous as well.

In fact, studies have shown that people who drink four or more glasses of fruit juice enriched with vitamin C a day, have a greater chance of becoming depressed in the following ten years.

Fruit juices can lead to obesity, elevated blood sugar levels and even depression.

4. Chili food

You’re Mistaken About These “Healthy “Foods! They Can Harm Your Health!4

Hot peppers, for example, can have a positive effect on blood circulation, accelerate the metabolism, lower the blood sugar levels, while on the other hand can cause stomach problems, which  can cause much more serious health problems with a number of medical implications. The best tip – Be moderate!

5. Cheap packaging of tea

You’re Mistaken About These “Healthy “Foods! They Can Harm Your Health!5

Tea may seem like a miracle potion when it comes to preventing heart disease, cancer, inflammation and treatment of many other diseases, but a recent study has showed that cheaper packaging of tea contains three times greater amount of fluoride than normal.

With consuming this amount of the ingredient, it can cause problems with teeth and bones.

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