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– Zeolite is one of the most important antioxidants

Zeolite is a silicate mineral, which lately has attracted the attention of many scientists. In nature there are more than 200 types of zeolite that can be fibrous, crystallite and leafy. The most common and beneficial for people is crystal zeolite – clinoptilolite.

It is not toxic for people, and this has been proven by many laboratory studies done in numerous renowned universities.

Zeolite - For a Healthy Body and Strong Immunity

Zeolite in the body is very effective, claim scientists who have worked on its research. It nourishes the cells and helps in discharging harmful substances. Except that its internal usage it is suitable for external usage as well especially when applied on the skin.

Most people consume it mixed with water or they make masks that are later applied to the skin. It is effective in accelerating wound healing and when consumed, scientists claim that it enhances immunity, improves digestion and helps in decreasing blood sugar level.

Other than this, some scientists argue that zeolite is good for regulating blood pressure, heart problems and decreases levels of triglycerides and cholesterol.

Zeolite is a natural antioxidant and researchers recommend synthetic multi vitamins to be replaced with zeolite, especially athletes who undergo severe physical efforts. Studies have shown that zeolite is highly beneficial for athletes, because it neutralizes free radicals and improves physical endurance as well.

Zeolite is a very important antioxidant, keeps health of all cells in the body, but it is required to comply with all regulations for its moderate consumption.

Zeolite can be consumed by pregnant women because it is proven that it is not harmful for the fetus.

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