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Ear infections are nasty. They can completely ruin a persons week and for children, who are particularly prone to them, an ear infection can last for few weeks.

Otitis is the medical term for an ear infection and it can appear in 3 different areas:

Middle Ear Infection or Otitis MediaThis Weird Trick Can Cure Your Ear Infection

This type of pain comes as a result of the buildup of fluid behind the eardrum or ear drum perforation. This is most common in children but can happen to all ages. The pain can often cause headaches and fever and is more of a deeper throbbing sensation.

External Otitis

This is generally referred to as swimmer’s ear and affects the outer canal and ear. With this type of pain, the ear is increasingly sensitive to touch and may appear inflamed or red. The cause is generally a fungal infection or bacterial build up on the skin in the ear tube.

Otitis Internal

This inner ear infection can cause loss of balance and hearing problems as the inner ear includes sensory organs for balance. When the inner ear is inflamed it can lead to vertigo and severe headaches and fever.

So what can be done to alleviate the pain and help heal the ear when struggling with an infection?

It is worth trying natural remedy methods before rushing to fill an antibiotic prescription, unless the symptoms have progressed rapidly. You can find a great all natural recipe here for an homemade antibiotic that we have personally used to treat an earache!

Even though you want to get rid of the infection, it’s the pain that can be the most annoying part. Here is one of the best tricks to comforting an ear infection that can also help draw the toxins out of the ear:

Salt Sock Method

Essentially that is all it is – a plain old white sock (make sure its clean) filled with coarse ground sea salt.

Not only the minerals in sea salt have wonderful healing properties and are antiseptic, the salt can retain heat so well that it helps reduce pain and soothe inflamed ears immediately!


  • 1 large clean athletic sock (in case you have any ear leakage, white is best as you’ll be able to see right away)
  • 2 cups of coarse sea salt

Fill the sock with sea salt and tie a tight knot so that you have a package the size of your hand. Place the salt sock on a clean, dry pan over low heat and rotate it on the both sides for about 5 minutes to achieve a lukewarm to hot level of warmth.

Put the salt sock over your ear and the portion below your ear and jawbone. Miraculously you will feel the pain subside! It really is that simple. The great thing is that you can keep your salt sock in the fridge and re – use it whenever you need it.

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